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The hybrid for everyone

The 2012 Honda Insight. Yes, it's a hybrid. But beyond its ultra-low emissions, fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive nature, the unique Eco Assist™ system with ECON mode can help to make you a more environmentally friendly driver. This sleek and stylish 5-passenger 5-door hatchback also represents another innovative step that we can all take towards a brighter future with blue skies for our children.

Advanced aerodynamics, hybrid style

From the ground up, virtually everything on the sleek, distinctive exterior has been designed to improve fuel efficiency and handling using advanced aerodynamics. From its exceptionally flat underbody and advanced acoustic windshield design to its rigid, yet lightweight, body structure, the Insight takes aerodynamics to an efficient new level. And it does it all with style.

A bright idea

See and be seen. The eye-catching projector-beam halogen headlights give you bright, well-defined light for exceptional visibility, while the brake light's light-emitting diodes (LED) help to provide maximum illumination and create an unmistakable lighting signature.

Embracing interior

On the inside, the hybrid for everyone meets a perfectly comfortable, spacious world you can call your own. You could even go so far as to say the 5-passenger Insight is as user-friendly on the inside as it is eye-catching on the outside. From the driver's perspective, the modern sculpted cockpit offers you a clear view of the two-tier instrument panel. From a passenger's point of view, this is carpooling in its finest form.

Total control

Keep a consistent, steady speed and enjoy a more relaxing drive with steering wheel-mounted cruise control.

Where there's a will, there's a way

When it comes to life's longer, larger items, the Insight is ready to lend a hand. Picture yourself achieving the perfect balance of car and cargo. Imagine how helpful space-finding features like the 60/40 split fold-down rear seatback would be, which when folded flat, creates an 891-litre world of functional space. And to keep a lid on life's little stuff, there are numerous cargo nooks under the floor of the rear storage area. In short, mess has met its match.